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            Yoongoo Entered Strategic Cooperation with TV189 & Ali Sports

            E-surfing Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TV189) and Alibaba Sports Group (hereinafter referred to as Ali Sports) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Yoongoo Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yoongoo). 

            TV189 and Ali Sports have chosen Yoongoo as long-term strategic partner in the video sector as Yoongoo offers 3 core competitive strengths that can help develop their core competencies on a sustainable basis.

            1. The management team has work experience at global Fortune 500 companies, over 20 years of dedication to the video industry, full of passion and long-term visions.

            2. With deep insight into the sector and a high level of research and development input, Yoongoo constantly develops innovative technologies and end-to-end products and solutions, including intelligent video terminals, video transcoding and OTT live streaming, so as to provide industry-leading online audiovisual solutions.

            3. Yoongoo pays great attention to user experience and swiftly responds to customer needs.

            Yoongoo adheres to its business philosophy: Work, develop and innovate. Win-win cooperation for your success. The company always puts customers first, invests in R&D resources and advocates open cooperation, so as to help telecom operators, broadcasters and new media companies achieve commercial success in the era of dynamic video.




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